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@blumenkraft I don't understand. If this is happening in the states, some of the count might just be hospitals getting used to including covid in the cause of death whenever someone has covid and dies. It wouldn't have to do with other countries' numbers.

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And was it just this C caused disease? Many had one or more other diseases. Also most were 75 and older (do the math). Sad yes, very. But are people not allowed to die anymore? Not from this virus it seems, I don't get it anymore...
watch the video in this tweet: https://twitter.com/rtenews/status/1310879755990970368

heart atack, no C symptoms, tested C positive: cause of death C
fall of a roof, no C symptoms, tested C positive: cause of death C
according to WHO 'rules', WTF
@ludolphus That’s being predicted Stateside as well. I’m not buying it at all. Most states have control of the spread and have flattened the curve. Even new outbreaks are being managed much more efficiently than back in April.
@ludolphus Why do they want this?
@mandy I have no idea...
@ludolphus I believe the Why is a really important question we need answered.
@mandy for a death by accident and if there is a positive test (why would you do that in the first place?) is not a covid death it says. But apparently a test must(?) be done for the statistics(?).
@ludolphus imagine there is climate change, dry wood in the forest, and a drought.

now a wildfire starts and someone burns in the woods.

what's the cause of death? climate change, the dry wood that no one picked up, or was it the fire?
@blumenkraft @ludolphus and then imagine the fire department gets paid extra if climate change is declared the cause of death…
@33MHz sorry, i don't get it.
(my analogy was referring to Covid where the fire is Covid, and the other things are preconditions/age of the person who died.)
// @ludolphus
@ludolphus sorry, Tedros? what's that?
@blumenkraft my impression was @ludolphus was referring to circumstances where a death is marked in COVID stats because they tested positive for it, but the cause of death should not be correlated, like a fall.
@blumenkraft here in the states, I know nurses who've said this is happening in their hospitals, because normal money-making procedures aren't allowed to happen, and the feds distribute hospital aid $$ based on case count.
@33MHz people are getting paid for falsifying death certificates? what's the incentive here? i really don't understand.
@blumenkraft under the CARES Act, "hospitals get an extra 20% in Medicare reimbursements on top of traditional rates" for covid-related treatments, including deaths.
@33MHz ok let's assume there is foul play going on (which i don't buy for a second when it comes to death certificates), how is it, that people are dying from Covid in other countries as well even though they are having different incentive structures?
@33MHz and coming back to my analogy, what caused the deadly burns? climate change, the drought, the dry wood lying around, or the wildfire?
@blumenkraft I don't understand. If this is happening in the states, some of the... - http://chimpnut.nl/u/33MHz/lp/851543 - #longpost
@blumenkraft when someone has an accident, goes to the hospital and dies, and is found to have asymptomatic covid:

Fire = falling
Climate change = covid
Dry wood = ladder? Or whatever :)
@33MHz in my analogy climate change, dry wood, drought are the preexisting conditions. the fire is the cause of death.
you might be interested in this podcast [sawbones.simplecast.com] by an actual doc.
@33MHz that would mean a worldwide conspiracy involving every single hospital/doctor. do you really believe that?
@blumenkraft No, it would mean some hospitals that are strapped for cash are skewing some stats. That's not hard to imagine. What would the worldwide conspiracy be?
@33MHz maybe i didn't understand you correctly, but if the numbers in the US were skewed to register non-covid deaths to covid deaths, the numbers would look different in other countries, no?
@blumenkraft how would skewed numbers in US affect other countries' numbers?
@33MHz sorry, bad wording! ^^
i mean, the US should stand out if the numbers were skewed there.
@blumenkraft it's all hypothetical. US trends up there along with many, but many others are not trending up like that…
@blumenkraft It's too complex a group for outliers to be suspect.
@33MHz could this mean hospitals are chronically underfunded nationwide?
@Kabuku afaik, they are... npr and others have been reporting on it a lot. Particularly rural hospitals.
@33MHz then it makes perfect sense why they’d be doing this. City hospitals should rarely be underfunded, rural hospitals never. but that’s a magical fairyland i guess...
@Kabuku aren't hospitals like companies in the US? // @33MHz
@blumenkraft they are usually run by companies in the US, yes.

/@33MHz @Kabuku
@phoneboy so if they make a loss they are eligible for corporate socialism? do i get that right? // @33MHz @Kabuku
@blumenkraft hospitals can and do go out of business. There may be some corporate welfare involved but will admit I don't know all the details.

/@Kabuku @33MHz
@phoneboy i will investigate. if they get governmental funding that would be a great argument for my cause. // @33MHz @Kabuku
@blumenkraft Idk all the differences between private and public hospitals. I reckon private hospitals rake in a lot more than your average public hospital because they operate as private companies. They also lobby and donate a lot too.
@Kabuku ah, there is both. that makes sense.

love your current avatar BTW! :D
@blumenkraft ha! thanks. I found this while digging through some old avatar archives. I think @33MHz introduced this originally and I grabbed it when I first saw it.