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@blumenkraft My question is, if not WHO, then..who? Who’s going to oversee public health of the world during increasing climate change? @jacobrealo is correct: conservative media is the only sector to claim that climate change is dubious or false. Of course they’re going to attack WHO in concert with that.

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@blumenkraft a talking point from American Conservative Media POV is the President of WHO is not a good leader so why should we follow their guidance? I’ve only heard Conservative Media complain about this.
@Kabuku I’ve heard from Conservative Media, pundits say that smoke stacks are good for the economy and that environmental regulation under the Obama Administration hurt the environment. Makes no sense.
@jacobrealo That mindset says, “Following mammon is a tough job but someone’s gotta do it.” I don’t know anyone in my circle who’s explicitly for mining and yet.. mining is making a comeback in places like Alaska. Makes no sense.
@Kabuku Why the assumption that there should be an organization that oversees world health? At least one I'm presuming that has legislative power over nations (i.e. more than a database)?
@j_r_snook Flying by the seat of one’s pants is never advised. Just look at the haphazard response in the States because of a leadership vacuum. I doubt any of us want to keep repeating that.
@Kabuku @jacobrealo have you guys watched the video?
@j_r_snook this is what's called international contracts. they are there since there are nation-states. i don't see anything wrong with that. actually i encourage it. @Kabuku
@j_r_snook the WHO has no legislative power over nations BTW. but member states pledge to follow WHO guidelines for how i understand the contract.
@j_r_snook the reason for why there should be a WHO is the same reason why there are doctors. people don't want to die from weird diseases. health authorities are common on a regional, on a national, and on an international level.
@blumenkraft but if there are regional and national doctors, why would there be a need for a singular international organization? That’s too much power for one interest group.
@j_r_snook well, it's rather a support group then an interest group. interest group implies politics. it's a health authority, not a health government. 1/2
@j_r_snook the reason for its existence is due to the fact that in some cases, you need nations to work together in order to work effectively in the face of health issues. then you need a coordinating organization.
@Kabuku the States and it’s people are divided over what good leadership looks like; what would make that scenario better by serving under a global organization that other countries have say about? That’s a slap to the face for 50% Americans.
@j_r_snook also, the WHO is one of the biggest health support organization for poor countries. they do a load of good in the world.
@j_r_snook “serving” isn’t something the WHO is set up to oversee. It’s not a government, it’s an organisation which combines health data at all levels, funds research, and provides critical information. The CDC used to be informed by the WHO but now... ?
@blumenkraft I don’t doubt they are charitable; I’m just questioning the load of authority they carry over nations. If they don’t act as a government, then what’s the alarm if a nation ceases to listen to them?
@j_r_snook we should define authority here. because i don't see giving recommendations on health issues as 'authority' per se. how you phrase it, it sounds as if they were evil or something.
@j_r_snook let me ask kindly, on what basis do you question the charitability?
@blumenkraft well if they are only giving recommendations, then they are mostly harmless. However for a country to get all of its a data from one organization would be alarming. Who ever controls the organization controls that country.
@blumenkraft I question their charity in the sense that it’s a cover up to control smaller and weaker countries. I.e it’s a front for colonialism under free medicine
@blumenkraft or imperialism for that matter
@j_r_snook i really think you have a wrong impression about the WHO. they help poor countries out. this is in all our interest. a pandemic successfully fought in, say, Tanzania, means no pandemic in your country. ½
@j_r_snook 2/2 this is why the WHO exists. there is no glory in prevention though (since no one realized what could have been).
@j_r_snook imperialism is when you bomb countries and overthrow governments. helping them out is not.
@blumenkraft certainly handing a country medicine out of one hand while we bomb out of the other is a timeless tactic that has to be done together.
@blumenkraft @j_r_snook I agree generally that the WHO is probably nice, but spineless like many UN or other global efforts when pushed.
@j_r_snook WHO's ineffectiveness and ability to be cowed by China and the US guarantees they can't be a concern to you 😉 /@blumenkraft
@33MHz well, when the US runs out headless, it's only logical that China would take over the lead (since they are the de facto hegemony anyway). the US also canceled a lot of pandemic research projects during the pandemic. no words...
// @j_r_snook