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Dennis Parussini
Freelance/Indie iOS/Swift developer.
iOS Tech degree graduate at Team Treehouse [www.teamtreehouse.com]


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@shawn How're things, Shawn? Anything catch your eye on the Apple updates?
@hutattedonmyarm Yeeeeeaah! I'm almost there.
@ccp comin' right atcha!
@33MHz Huzzah!
@33MHz the storm moved away south but now it's coming back again ⛈
@lena @bayprogrammer hi!

Riding the train home, then: weekend!
@ccp Very cool.
@33MHz I’ve been busy with work and moving apartments but I’ve also managed to watch some session videos related to SwiftUI and new UICollectionView advancements. They really went for it in a few areas and I’m super excited to try some things out.
@33MHz There’s a lot of new SwiftUI views and APIs. For example TextEditor, LazyVStack, and ScrollViewProxy have caught my attention but the session videos don’t really go into detail. So… documentation spelunking has been scheduled for this weekend
@thedan84 yahoo! I didn't get the chance to test it myself. good luck!