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@33MHz Working tomorrow... and then on Sunday I have to get a bunch of dinners together for the week... gonna be fun. I'm relaxing for the most part tonight, though.

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ng tomorrow. Relaxing for the rest of the weekend, though...
.@33MHz Nothing much! Gonna see if I finish up the next Arachis version. Either gonna have a second date (had the best first date of my entire life last Tuesday) or schedule it for next Monday or Tuesday!
@rafaelcosta oooooooooooh! That's awesome! And the date is cool I guess. 😉 😉 Hey, that's great.
@33MHz Howdy. Gonna listen to some music and drive down to San Antonio to help a friend with some stuff. It'll be a busy weekend. You gonna work on the house?
@joanna Yep, hoping to work in the kitchen. I'd love to go on a car trip. Hope the trip goes well.
@33MHz Visiting a friend I haven't seen for months and then rerecording I cover song I did a first take on last week but I'm not happy yet. and you?
@lechindianer hopefully some family, house work, a fire tonight. 😌
@33MHz All went well on the trip to San Antonio. Now I'm off to listen to some music. Hugs…
@33MHz college trips…kid is growing up
@i70dan whew, what areas of the country?
@33MHz Cincinnati, Xavier and UC.
@i70dan that's a plenty wide spread :)