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A dedicated amp: Micca OriGain

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I take being emperor seriously but I feel like I'm the only one.

@33MHz on Pnut

No bells or whistles.

I bought an OriGain amp about a year ago to work with small speakers in the kitchen.

These little amps have a nice build quality and seem to hold together well, but unfortunately they do not amplify as much as I wanted. I ended up buying their MB42X speakers to go with it, but at least for a phone plugged into the RCA port, "full volume" on the phone requires turning the volume knob 3/4 up just to be able to distinguish talk radio conversation or enjoy music. If I want music in the adjoining room, or want to listen to music at more than background-music levels, I have to push it to the max.

Still happy with the form factor, but over the years I bet this will get sent somewhere else in the house.

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